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Would love to see big bosses for PVE content

Something I miss from the old Puzzle Quest, a big boss fight. Like the Green Dragon with its HUGE life total. Would be fun to go up against a boss style opponent with minimal offense (like attack of 8, and a spell that poisons maybe?) but with 250+ life.

Would need to be immune to devour, silence, and entangle. The other problem would be Shadow Hunter and troops that damage based off of HP, Armor, etc.

devour yes, but silence and entangle would be ok as they wear off. Shadowhunter would certainly be a good strategy to whittle it down faster. Maybe give it a trait that reduces damage by 75%? So give it 75 health, but it acts like 300 since it reduces by 75%.

This should be the boss for easter event! :grin:


Ahh, the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog !!! Certainly has trueshot, it goes right through those knights’ armor!

This is partially untrue. The match would have to be a 4v4 for this to be true, like the Mega Gorgotha thing. If it was 4 v 1 mega troop, that troop could easily be silence/entangle locked. Currently, the cheapest silence is 12 mana and the cheapest entangle is 9 + mana drain. Also, silence and entangle 10% cumulative chance of being cleansed is refreshed when reapplied.

Hmm, good point. But I’d hate to just make it immune outright as that destroys strategy. Maybe a 2nd trait “50% chance to resist status ailments”. So you could go for a lock down strategy, but it isn’t a sure thing.

Then someone will just go 7 mana cost attack reduction from Warhound + any of the few troops with 9 mana cost mana drain.

The main issue is that 4v1 is impossible to balance in GoW. All “mega bosses” would have to be 4v4.

I’ve always though it’d be cool, with something like a Mega-Boss if it had 4 parts - for example a dragon with Head, Body, Claws and Tail.
Each would have its own life point total, and a unique Spell, for example with a Red Dragon:

  • Head = Breathe Fire (AoE Damage)
  • Claws = Tear & Rend (Single Target Nuke)
  • Body = Ruby Scales (Armor/Life buff)
  • Tail = Tail Lash (Board Manipulation)

Then each part of the body would have its own potential set of traits to deal with
Might feel a little weird that you defeat the head and work your way down to the tail, but mechanically it’d work quite well and allow us to customize a team with lots of synergy


Make it so!

Another idea, a castle:
Drawbridge (high armor/life, low damage)
Balistae (large single target damage spell)
Battlements (casts “Boiling Oil” for AE damage + AE burn)
Inner Keep (casts Summon: Knight)



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Please make this happen this year. 1 per kingdom :stuck_out_tongue:


Boss mode. Unlocked after all challenges are completed. Some yield large gold, some yield large souls. Be nice to have a target that drops specific traitstones with rewards comparable to PVP (sacrificing the trophy for the specific stone type)

Love this idea.

I found it not particularly hard to come up with boss monster ideas that fit with the “big and doesn’t die until you kill all the parts”:

  • Multi-headed dragon god (e.g. Tiamat)
  • Voltron-style construct (event week to be called “And I’ll Form the Head!” :p)
  • Giant undead monster, like a dragon-lich or demon-flesh golem
  • Daemons, obviously
  • Giant faeries/Faery giants
  • Leviathan

Or, for a different take on Hydra, a single one-headed Hydra. Kill it the first time and it splits up into two heads, each a separate troop. Kill any of them and they split up again into two new troops. Kill each a third time and they stay dead. Heads should probably have some variation progressing from stage one to stage three, going from high life, low damage to low life, high damage.

This would be amazing. Pretty please :heart:

I think this large PVE Boss idea could easily tie in with a guild challenge.
Give the boss say 10k total hit points.
The guild member could do as much damage as they could be for dying.
The damage done could then be taken of it total hit points.
All guild members could choose to contribute to killing the boss and sharing in the fat loots.


Would also be cool if there was a boss Hydra that appeared as 4 heads and the only way you could kill them is if the final point of damage is via Burn.

This would definitely be way better than a poor boosted Gorgotha running on all man colours :wink: