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Would like to start active guild for beginners

I would like to start a guild where everyone contributes gold so that we can all be rewarded. I am a beginner myself and have joined guilds where I seem to be the only one shelling out my small amount of gold. I don’t care about your level as long as you put gold towards the guild tasks. These tasks will allow us all to get items to open chests and get guild bonuses. If 5 people tell me there invite code I will start the guild. My Gamertag is ImFlabalicious if you want to message me on Xbox. Your invite code is found in the settings.

Edit: I have made it so just tell me your invite code and I will add you.

Have you checked out some of the guilds already recruiting on here? If you state how many trophies and how much gold you can contribute you may be able to jump straight into an established guild

I just started so I don’t earn much of anything really. This is why I want to start anew with other beginners.

It is definitely a slow start but income snowballs as you progress. Good luck

You are welcome in my guild no matter what level you are. We complete tasks daily. I understand it is important to establish your own guild though. Good luck and I wish you the best. :slight_smile:

too late my friend

Too late to wish him the best? :joy:

yeah you know whart I ean