Would it be possible to recruit in arena?

As they have stopped the community’se on ps4 recruitment has been limited is there a way of recruiting through the arena. I wait with baited breath : )

I’m 50% sure the folks who pop on Defense in the arena are “bots”. So they couldn’t join a Guild no matter all the unsolicited invites that are spammed their way.

Thanks Awryan that makes sense. Shame would have been a greal way to recruit.

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Does this mean you have never seen a real player profile as opponent? If so, with your GOW career, the percentage should be higher, guessing you know a few player profiles… Not sure if it makes a difference are they bots. but I always thought they were real… but hey, I’m still not sure what to think of santa-claus either… :thinking:

Wonder if by Arena we’re talking about PvP since you actually see a whole screen to honor the person and that after fighting in PvP. That would make more sense since that’s where you fight the actual person’s troops and determine how “worth recruiting” they are. Don’t really see how Arena would in any way be useful for recruiting but maybe I’m just not understanding the OP.

Ehm… last week seen guildmate as arena opponent… might be possible that he was doing Arena same day…
I’m 100% after theory, that all teams are playermade teams, just reshuffled into pre-defined order:
Ultra Rare

Well at least you’ve succumb to that realization.

I was in a hurry with my prior post.

I meant I am 50% sure that guild NONE players are bots.

I think the OP understood what I meant. But clearly I needed to clarify.

I actually thought that one of our guild mates were taken away by his great success in PVP, but now that i checked there’s no invite button… so now I just feel bad for him not saying farewell…