Would Dragons reach meta with a troop/class that has an 'all Dragons starts out with 50 % mana' trait?

I just thought it would be fun to discuss it.

Not sure about meta, but it would make them much more fun to use again


I have to agree, this would be fun, we also have a Dragon class available.

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i guess you could make it " dragonsoul with firestorm only" then :thinking: but yeah would be meta for midgame cause aoe dmg is “low” and you have to do way to much micromanagement :joy: ( click , watch board , click , watch board again click … repeat till death )

They’d definitely be meta-worthy, there’s so many good ones around. And that would eliminate one of Dragonguard’s only weaknesses as a class.


Although Dragons start slow, almost all of them are great board manipulators. They gather mana for each other if chosen and arranged in correct colors. All dragons start at 50% mana would be a big buff. I love the idea, and I’d love to see how DE defenses react to such a change.

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