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Worthwhile to start over?

Hi all,

Been playing for about a week, reached level 36. I have about 1/2 the kingdoms unlocked. I have joined a random guild, but it does not seem active, but I have received some benefit from them. I have a few Ulltra rares, and the only Epics are from completing the quests. I have spent all of the gold keys and such already.

Trying to decide, since I understand the game better, if it is worthwhile to start over, if there are better ways to start or get better cards to start off with. I play on mobile, so pretty easy to start over as needed.

If I don’t start over, are there next ‘tasks’ to be completed to keep my account moving strongly forward?

Thanks everyone in advance!

It would benefit you greatly if you were to join a bigger, more active guild.
The rewards a strong guild can unlock can really catapult you forward with your cards and collections.

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Starting over isn’t going to do anything for you really. The biggest factor in this game as far as progression is concerned is finding the best guild you can that matches your play level. Active guilds gain the most resources basically.

  1. Find an active guild today. (via Global Chat, or here). If you used the auto join feature the algorithm is designed to put players in the most inactive, dead guild it can possibly find.

  2. Do not start over! There is no reason, and it’s a very long road. I recall a year ago someone posting how they had made tons and tons of ‘mistakes’ and was going to start over because after 40 levels he was an expert and knew everything. Never saw him on the forms again.


I can’t think of any reason to start over for hero/troop/kingdom builds since there isn’t much customization. The only reason to begin anew is for GoW’s early design which kinda falls apart during the “end-game” portion.

No need to start over. When I started I played on my own for at least 6 months or so, going all the way to level 100-150. Can’t remember exactly. I thought PvP was actually live playing against another person. Had no idea what it meant to be in a guild. Think I joined one when I was around level 250.
Nevertheless I made it to end-game eventually. Level 1100+ now. So, yes, find yourself an active guild to speed things up. Buy yourself some basic stuff that helps you along, if you can afford it. Death knight armour comes to mind, despite its speed price tag.

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Ive started over a couple of times and don’t regret it. I had levelled up far too quickly, levelled and traited some weird-ass cards, hadn’t joined a guild and essentially shot myself in the foot. (Got a feeling I played the first 200 levels - entirely in quests - using something like Crude Club, Lance Knight, Tyri, Summoner… oh boy)

Starting over I tried to be a bit more methodical; it let me pump, what limited resources you get in early game, into a handful of troops that I could use in pvp from the very beginning.

Realistically, you are still very early in the game - which works both ways; one the one hand you haven’t lost or missed out on a great deal, but on the other, it won’t take you long to hit and exceed level 36 again. Its no great shakes, but I say: Go for it!

The only reason I can see for starting over is replaying the questlines. I really wish that would be an option anyway, I feel like I missed a ton of interesting lore in the first few (especially the Broken Spire one since I knew nothing about the game back then). I spent my first 300 levels with Luther, Hero, Tyri and Raven, so yeah, memories of good, old times. (Not that I ever got far - even with level 800, I have neither Mab, Kraken, Khorvash nor a single true Mythic…)

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If you’re only interested in the lore rather than the battles, you can find them in GoWDB at http://gowdb.com/kingdoms. Select the kingdom and you’ll see the quest text for the entire chain.


Oh my gosh, thanks so much! This is amazing and exactly what I had been looking for!
…Now I want to know even more what the heck is going on in Sword’s Edge. I remembered right about Ysabelle being the one needing Sheggra’s Heart, but I had completely forgotten about the Knights Coronet betraying Luther. What’s up with these guys, they’ve been the bad dudes in two storylines now. I really hope that will be answered one day (as well as the weird rebellion in Leonis Empire).
Still think storylines should be replayable ingame. There’s reappearing characters and obviously storylines spanning multiple kingdoms and people can’t be expected to remember everything they read long ago. Really, really happy these quests are documented at least on a fansite!

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I know where you’re coming from in the context of “rerolling” for other gacha / chest based games (and I just rerolled a billion alts in JP MS for their anniversary event, heh), but GoW is radically different in their reward allocation. There is absolutely no advantage whatsoever in starting over - just play with what you’ve got.

And welcome!

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You shouldn’t need to start over at level 36. Come Join Druids Alliance! We will help you with tips, strategies, etc for upgrading everything in Gems of War.

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Thanks to everyone for their replies. I appreciate it. I will most likely keep my account for now, and try to find a good guild to move to in the next week or so.

NowayJoe2go, I’ll PM you about your guild.