World Quest

The World Quest seems very hard. Do you have to be at a specific level to win it?


You’ll need to be a bit more specific than just “World Quest” because there are actually several different ones (and each generally unlocks a new feature). Which one are you struggling with?

Ah, you mean World Event not “World Quest” (which is an official term now, let’s not confuse them). What level of opponents are you dealing with?

I can usually get to Lv.50-100 without spending Gems (or extra sigils for the stat buffs), but it does depend on how I throw together the team. Some requirements are easier than others…

For example, this week I’m using a team of:

  • Warlord’s Battlecry + Barbarian
  • Bugbear
  • Fel’Dras
  • Drake Rider

I threw it together this way to potentially fill multiple Campaign tasks at the same time (e.g. Grosh-Nak team, Grosh-Nak banner, Barbarian class, Axe-type weapon). Drake Rider waits for a good opportunity to create Red Mana, but Fel’Dras is actually the main DPS (scales with enemy Magic stat). Bugbear is … just sort of present.

The quest is the Goblin War Band and all the troops are up to 33 hearts. I am at level 84 but my troops have only leveled up in the teens.



Owh… @roblurker @Stratelier Im real sorry I thought you mean World Event :flushed: I will delete my wrong info.
Sorry I gave you the wrong info :frowning:

Ah, so you are still fairly early game then. Here’s a few tips:

  • The Hero does not level up the same as regular troops, their stats generally cap out around Lv.50 and by that point there are other ways to strengthen their stats.
  • It is usually better to reference a cpu’s team by their stated Level (as shown on the event map, or each Troop card itself). Player troops cap out at Lv.15 (common) to Lv.20 (mythic) but cpu teams have no level caps (and can go as high as Lv.500 depending on game mode).
  • From the World Map, go to your Troops page but instead of selecting a specific team slot immediately click to the “Bonuses” tab. Any stat buffs shown here apply to ALL teams you create and over time this actually becomes the biggest contributor to your troop’s stats in battle. (For example, I have a flat bonus of +10 to Attack and Magic, +20 to Armor and Life, even for newly acquired troops at Lv.1 with no active traits. This is why I can challenge higher-level cpu teams more easily)
  • To increase the above bonus, spend Gold to level up Kingdoms on the map, because each Kingdom that hits Lv.10 gives you a global/permanent +1 buff to some stat. This takes a lot of Gold to do and the buff itself sounds fairly minor (okay, it is), but remember there’s a total of 34 Kingdoms so the more you do this the more it adds up. Increasing a Kingdom’s “Power” rating (by completing the conditions shown on that screen) to 5 also gives a +1 stat buff.
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Thanks. This is really helpful. I thought it was me.