World event reminder

How long have we had world events? (Rhetorical)

What has changed with them?

What is fresh and diverse?

Where is the flexibility?

Can anyone answer these questions without telling me to just quit?

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Same thing that happened with Medals being advertised as allowing for anything to happen and providing a ton of unique content :man_shrugging:


I added emphasis on one word…

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1 year later.

0 - 48? On Guild leaderboards.
They have all been individual leaderboards.

Such a bull shit statement to make it sound like they weren’t giving away less gems due to the lower frequency of ToD. Yet clearly that’s what it was. :person_shrugging:


I think the world events stated diversity is mostly focused on the teams you build.

I do remember before world events we had week long raids/invasions. These teams were built around the featured kingdom, then so was the class trial of the week, so I remember it being a running joke you build a team on monday then use it for everything until the following Monday.

Everything became stale as there wasn’t much room for changing the design. World events and the medals have introduced the potential for interesting combinations. Hopefully we’ll keep seeing things mixed up and added to keep it fresh.