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World Event Gives Wrong Team to Fight

In at least two weeks of the Campaign, there has been a bug where the name of the chosen battle does not match the enemies, nor the name on the Victory screen.

I first noticed this in Fallen Silent (week 2?), then took more detailed screenshots when I saw it again for Keyed In (week 9). This has been recorded on PC, but I’m sure it also occurs on other platforms. It may also be related to a similar bug in the Tower of Doom, reported here: Goblin King and Tower room display bugs (If it is, I really need to say, “I told you that minor-seeming bugs can often come back to haunt you, when ignored!”)

It seems that the battle you click on matches the name of the battle on the pre-fight screen, but the team you fight does not match. On the Victory screen, you get the name of the team you actually fought, but the correct rewards (I think) for the battle you originally selected.

My instinct is that some of the battles are being drawn from previously-eliminated battles on the board. For example, in Fallen Silent, all battles would reset after fighting Elemaugrim, but the previous battles seemed to seep through if you played their locations. With Fallen Silent, the problem seemed to go away after all the battle locations had been fought. With Keyed In, the lack of full board reset seemed to allow the problem to keep appearing throughout the event.

I’m now going to post the full set of screenshots I have from Keyed In, so you have as much information as I do (sorry about the quality: I accidentally double-compressed them). The inconsistencies have been highlighted in Red. Some of the missing screenshots have been greyed out. I believe I’ve always taken the last battle of those shown in each group, even when I’ve screenshotted other battles first.

Note that there seems to be a separate bug where Tankbot doesn’t always appear in its own battles.

Following that will be the more limited set of screenshots I have from Fallen Silent.

Hope this allows you to find and fix the bug.

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They will need more screenshots to prove its happening :wink: [More info needed]


LOL, @Tabu :joy:

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