World event and Event chest

Why do we have weekly troops that can’t be used in weekly events? Why do they call this Event Chest if we can’t get event troops from it?

The weekly event troops that are available in the green event chests are all troops from the kingdom of the week. This week it is blighted lands all the blighted lands troops gain a buff so some people use this to their advantage and build teams for explore, challenges, pvp with the added stat boost. You will also notice when exploring in the kingdom of the week (blighted lands) that the enemy has been buffed too. These troops can also be used to complete campaign tasks which are all centred around the weekly event kingdom.

You can. You can only get troops from the event kingdom from the event chest.

What I believe you are mixing up is the GUILD World Event. This is not related to the weekly kingdom event. Sometimes you may be able to use the same troops but this is not always the case. Sometimes the guild event has a colour restriction, sometimes it has a troop race restriction - knight or divine, sometimes it has a troop type restriction - warmaster or generator, sometimes it does have a kingdom restriction. Whatever the restriction is, the shop tiers which you can purchase for 30, 70 gems etc will provide troops that meet the restrictions. Join an active guild and you will get guild task rewards mailed to you that include gems which you can use to buy Shop tiers to get more troops.

I hope this helps explain that the Guild World Event is totally separate from the Weekly Kingdom Event


Yeah, I understand the mechanic, but don’t think that it is fair enough. Also for the previous 6-7 weeks guild events and kingdom events were synchronized.