World data cannot be validated error

Hoguns. We had all tasks completed (and about 8-9 LTs) and were at somewhere around 37k-38k seals when I last checked earlier in the day.

Thxs @Nimhain

I believe all the guilds in the Top 50 (including Hoguns) has been fixed, you may need to restart the game for the information to update.

How long should guilds outside the top 50 wait before bugging you and/Saltypatra about seal fixes?

Unfortunately restarting doesn’t fix the issue @Nimhain. I’ve completely restarted the game (so has my wife on her phone) and the issues remain:

thank you very much :smiley:

@Grundulum What guild are in?

@Ogunther The restoration is coming from a backup 2 hours before the issue occurred. So some progress on tasks may have been lost.

@Nimhain we’ve had all guild tasks done since Monday so this definitely isn’t restored as of a backup two hours ago. We’re also missing at least 7,000 seals we had over 6-10 hours ago.

Gem Blossums, somewhere in the 170s.

@Ogunther I’ll let the team know, looks like we may have made a mistake as we’re restoring these by hand.

@Grundulum I’ve passed your guild along


Twilight Avengers has also been affected (Rank 72 atm I think?). I’ve sent a ticket to support, does anything else need to be done? (I’m not the GM though if that’s relevant)

Thxs @Nimhain. Really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

@Nimhain Am I going to be stuck with 1 extra seal forever?

It’s probably my fault without guild requirements this week I have been taking a bit of a break and just doing Arena and Explore.

Just earn 19 plus some multiple of 20. Easy peasy.

Maybe it’s a lucky seal?

If you contact support they can round that out for you.


Thank you.

And we’re reset. Please pass my thanks along to the support team.

Same here, thanks @Nimhain and thank the support team for us too!

I will pass it along.

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Heroes United were affected and partially restored to 10/12 for all statues, but we had finished all tasks.

Hello, The guild Tamriel (ranking 227) is also affected and lost ALL its progress.
We had 3 tasks finished, if memory serves me well, and a 4th one (green) nearly done.
Currently, all tasks are unstarted :frowning:

Thanks for helping us out.