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[WORKING AS INTENDED] Cu Sith counts as 2 units for it's ability

Encountered Cu Sith in the arena last night, and it was dealing 17 dmg every time it used it’s ability. It’s ability (in the arena) is supposed to do 9 dmg, +4 for each fey or beast unit on the team. I’m guessing Cu SIth is getting counted twice. Since it’s a Fey/Beast
This is crazy high in the arena for a 12 mana cost, especially for an ultra-rare. I did an explore run with a Cu Sith on my team and no other fey or beasts on either team and it is indeed getting a +8 bonus to it’s ability (on top of the portion derived from it’s magic score).

Arena experience was on mobile, and confirmatory explore run was done on PC/Steam version.

Working as intended.


Is it a Beast? +4 damage. Is it Fey? +4 damage. Not a bug.

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