Wonky stats? Pc vs. Mobile

I understand that these stats are not really that important and are basically a tool for comparison… but why do they differ so much between the 2 versions?

It’s a known bug with the switch to Unity. Troops on PC have had higher stats for some unknown reason. They are currently looking into the problem.

Due to the difference in all the stats, the team scores have not been matching.


I see… I just finally linked my account to a pc and was shocked at the difference. I really wasn’t aware of a bug.

A lot of PC players have advised playing your Guild War matches on mobile so that the enemy stats aren’t so high. Some enemies have a difference of 20+ health/armor.

Thank you for the tip. I’m definitely going to keep that in mind.

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Team score actually has nothing to do with how many skill bonuses an individual troop has, though. Pictured here is just a score bonus difference, and Unity and Adobe have different score calculations. Where exactly they differ hasn’t been completely researched yet, but both follow a distinct pattern. Cliff notes: you get a fixed amount of score points for the combined troop levels, troop traits, and troop current ascended rarity on the team, and a different fixed amount added to the score of every team based on hero levels, number of level 10 kingdoms, unlocked skill bonuses from guild tasks, and guild statue levels. Things like five starring kingdoms for double skill bonus, event bonuses and team composition bonuses do nothing to your score, so there is no direct correlation between team score and the actual stats of the team.

There is, however, a separate bug with actual skill bonuses being different on the different platforms as noted. This more likely has to do the rounding operation they are using between the two versions, and possibly the order event bonuses are applied in, as the difference seems to be much more severe with event troops (% bonus) and guild wars (sentinels which apply tiny amounts to the ranks above you). But it has been also demonstrated that the stats are slightly off even in situations where there is no rounding, which is probably why they are having such a hard time tracking it down.


When I was a lower level, I used it as a comparison against my opponent when I wasn’t vip… I don’t use it much anymore… I just noticed a huge difference between the scores… but I have noticed the bug with stats… 2 of my troops in my team have 1 more life and armour on the p.c than in the mobile version.