Wondering if there are any more kingdoms planned or is it all underworld factions from here on out?

curious if i should not waste time hoarding gold keys still… i see a few mysterious clouds on the overworld map so im not sure and i havent heard anything about it either way.

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It’ll be the underworld factions for indeterminable future.

I don’t think we know for sure. What I remember/know is this:

  • When we first learned of the Underworld, it was described as “a new map”. We were told there would also be “more maps”.
  • Around the time the Underworld released, we were told there would not be new kingdoms “for at least a year”.
  • If we assume there can be one faction per kingdom, it will be 36 months (3 years!) from the release of Underworld before “every” faction is released.
  • In game data, kingdom IDs run from 3000-3038, so there are 39 kingdoms.
    • (This includes The Vault, Guardians, and Apocalypse, which are not explorable, so one can say there are 35 kingdoms.)
  • In game data, factions are weird.
    • Factions live in the same data structure as kingdoms.
    • Faction IDs start at 3039, but are not fully contiguous.
    • The released factions are 3039-3043 and 3052.
    • Incomplete data exists for 3049, 3050, and 3066, presumably unreleased factions.
      • (I think faction ID order correlates to associated kingdom ID order, but haven’t checked.)
  • Game data allows for kingdom IDs up through 3070.

So there’s not enough room, in current game data, for a faction to exist for all kingdoms. And the assignment of IDs doesn’t suggest room has been left for new kingdoms. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to add new kingdoms, but if anything in the game code makes assumptions like “all IDs > 3038 are factions”, then they’ll have to do more work to add more kingdoms.

So my speculative answer is we are more likely to get a third map than new kingdoms.


Seems certain to me.

At this point, its far easier for them to release factions than it is to release a new kingdom with new troops, pets, weapons, hero class, and adding that kingdom to the rotation of weekly events while making it occur slightly more than other kingdoms so that it can catch up with other kingdoms.

Yeah, the way I see it they haven’t nailed down an opinion, that’s why I say “don’t know for sure”. They made a really vague statement, but IMO vague statements like that can change either way if there’s a good case for it.

But I’m sticking with my speculative view: we’ll get a third map (I swear one was hinted at) and whether it has kingdoms on it or not is just a detail. I think you’re right though, considering how much content goes into a kingdom vs. a faction, it’s more likely what comes next is more like factions than kingdoms.

thanks for the input guys! and it does make sense that if they do release any more kingdoms in the future they spread them out a lot less often maybe every 6 months or so if only a few are left to be added (one thing i did notice is that according to taransworld website there is no new faction or monthly legendary on the schedule for release in january v.v, )

Spend the keys, only a monthly rare bounty troop will be added new to the chest, except for common rare troops that are first sold in shop for glory.

There aren’t any rare or lower invasion/raid boss troops? Haven’t paid attention?

Boss / tower killers are all base epic. But if you have all your common / rare at mythic I guess save gold keys for ??? You can get decent glory / gold / souls / gems out of opening thousands of them if you need the loot.
Mine are all at mythic and I’m sitting on 25k gold keys because I don’t need anything.