With all this lag you might as well extend gnome event an extra day!

Well, I see that’s what you want and that I can give you. You are the one whining can’t you see?


Hi folks,

Please take a breather if you’re feeling heated in here.
If the combative and inflaming comments continue or degrade into full blown insults we will have to lock the thread, and it’s better if everyone can continue discussing what they want freely.



It would of been nice if they did extend it

I enjoyed the event myself, didn’t experience any issues myself except I disliked like the other poster that battlecrasher

@Kafka, Eika who started the thread requested the thread lock. What are you waiting for?

@Kafka I noticed you are very very good at threatening. Not cool. You could’ve given a comment about the original post.

Better to avoid answering questions that would incriminate oneself (in any way).

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With all this lag, they may as well shit down the game, absolutley ridiculous. Im retiring my main account 1402 and my alt account 1051 from gems of loading after wars, its enough, the game is broken AF

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Hey, we can’t run an extra Vault event, and we couldn’t extend it this time.

We are looking into the slowdown issues as a priority, as we’re all concerned about it.

My other post wasn’t a threat, it was a reminder to follow the community guidelines before things got too out of hand, I genuinely don’t like having to lock threads or shut discussions down but when it gets out of hand it’s a necessity. I’m sorry it came off that way.


The servers have absolutely been laggy, but Kafka is not being threatening or unreasonable. Kafka passes along information, she does not code the game. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Lag may be frustrating, but if it causes you to be rude to other people, maybe consider taking a break for a while.


You sound like a robot. :grin:

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Well, Day isn’t having a happy day I guess. :laughing:

My opinion too, that @Kafka wasn’t really threatening in her post. I know Lyya does lock the post though, not sure if she gives a heads-up before doing so.

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How is this not the only priority (for the past several months)?! The game is often unplayable.


Log in. Half minute loading screen.
Click on tribute. Half minute spinny gems.
Collect mail. Half minute spinny gems.
Check GW. Half minute spinny gems.
Click on a fight. Half minute spinny gems.
Stuff. Half minute spinny gems.

btw, Half minute spinny gems.

Did I mention? Half minute spinny gems.

Ye, I didn’t bother playing.

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It is vey bad this morning (loading issue). I tried restarting the game several times and that didn’t help.

10 bloody seconds just to enter the guild section.

Cool guild crest!

Thanks! Madam Queen @Macawi came up with it.

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Our team has 20-25ish people with a few different disciplines, not everyone on the team has the skills needed to work on this issue, and they have other jobs to do, also sometimes it’s best not to have too many people working on the same part of the game otherwise there are clashes in the code etc. which causes more issues and also wastes someone’s time. However, the ones who are working on it - this is a priority for them :slight_smile:

Sort of like how you wouldn’t have 4 people making the one coffee - at some stage having the extra hands becomes problematic or a waste of man power.


I am not sure the quality of people you hire, but professional developers know how to work on the same code because they use version control software that allows it. There is branching and merge features. Also, a basic concept called communication.

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either the problem is, that players reporting such stuff get disregarded completely for several months, or the devs actually trying to fix things are incapable or just don’t work at it despite us players being told so. not much more options really…

if “the ones who are working on it” have this as “a priority for them” … " :slight_smile: "
then they’re just not doing a good job. this hasn’t been going on for 1-2 days. it is going on since… months. months. so what are you trying to sugarcoat? maybe add someone capable with different approach and ideas, because whatever you try currently isn’t working.

thanks for even responding, I guess. not trying to demotivate completely here, but at some point after having bad experiences and issues (primarily during certain rewarding events ^^) any results for the better would be great.