Wisps: It's bad enough that

Wisps already have all of Charm, Dispel, Bonus purp, Jumble, Stealthy, Start battles with mana, and an Extra turn but I notice with that Jumble and extra turn that if there are 6 or more purple gems on the board, the A.I. WILL get a 4 or 5 gem match with those few purple. Then once they have the game in hand, finally they might not get that 4 or 5 gem match.

To turn this post from me just complaining to at least an idea, maybe a slight nerf could be called for which may sound like this, swap Stealthy for some kind of immune trait, like immunity to Frozen, so they could at least be countered with a high damage output while giving them another trait that keeps them powerful.

Thoughts? Does this purple gem match happen all the time to you guys or is it just me? Does my trait swap make any sense?

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Sorry, but how many Wisps threads do we need?

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Enough to make a change obviously


Isnt there a rule against making multiple threads to say the exact same thing?

I am too lazy to look for it but maybe @Lyya could enlighten us on the matter

There isn’t anything specific about it in the Community Guidelines, though the forum software certainly encourages you to check for similar threads before starting a new one. If people are sick of Wisp threads, they can just ignore them and they should eventually dry up.

@stan you are right as you usually are. I am muting this thread (and many others as well)