Winter is not coming

Last week, i got a new phone. And GoW has never looked better… why? I saw snow for the first time. Now, my guild teased me, a canadian, never seeing snow?! But i saw snow in URSKAYA. And northern lights in stormheim. And even little pools of bubbling mist that gave meaning to mist of scales! For those of you with crappy phones who know not of which i speak, the pic below, probly won’t be useful either. So imagine the joy…

But where are they now??

Gone - stolen from us!!! No longer do my little animated weather-art friends snow or shine or… bubble. Weather did not just STOP. Volcanoes must spark! Are we being robbed of the visual fun-ness?? Who knows whatever small map details i have missed that i, no WE, will never know we are missing?! If you know of more, please add them here, we must not be silenced!!

What could be the reasoning for such a dramatic slashing of GoWs mapface? Does green mist overload our device’s memory and render the game unplayable? Was stormheim’s signature rainbow bridge traded for the crazy dungeon revamp? We may never know…

Now i just stare at the blank Krystara map, void of seasonal atmospheric change, my eyes burning from the brightness of a now cloudless sky (but mostly my new phone is pretty bright) but without joy this time. It will never be the same here. Mist of scales is now, simply, “scales”. Like the mighty polar bear, most of the bears in Urskaya are dead due to lack of icy territory. It snows… no… more.

Try changing graphics quality to higher setting


HAPPY DAY, my friend!!! Winter is coming! Undead frost bears rejoice!! hhahahhahahahh

Yup, that fixed it.

Im gonna go ahead and leave this post up to dissuade the developers of ever taking away the weather again!

Marie kondo would be proud, little noob.


note to self: i wonder where noob was when i had my last phone? hums rainbow connection

This thread made me smile