Winter Dragon - Rank 124 Lax Guild currently recruiting, 1 spot open for sure!

My in game name is Winter.

Guild Level: 113
Rank: 124
Guardians: R 53 B 59 G 49 Y 52 P 46 B 51
Members: 29
Trophies: 60,760
Bonus Level: Master I 200% gold bonus

Personal level: 422

Every week I do PVP until I hit Tier 1 personally, and I’m hitting 1500 seals a week (takes a bit longer depending on what the weekly event is and what happens irl each week).

The only requirements really are that you are, and remain, as active as possible really. Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day doing some PVP, that’s activity. If you go without anything done after a week has passed, you’ll be out unless you message me with a reason.

Otherwise, no level requirement, no gold requirements, so on and so forth. Just be active and grow the guild, and do your GW battles every day.

Winter Dragon. Join up today! :smiley: Just shoot me a message on PS4 @ RyuuHou24 or on here :smiley:

We do have a PSN chat going as well for everyone in the guild, if you join up and want to be added to it, great! If not, don’t have to.

And I want to stress that - I want this to be a guild where EVERYONE builds it up to be their guild. I want to be a guild leader who people can talk to, come to, suggest anything to, etc etc and I will definitely listen, reply, interact with!

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Hi, I know you’ve started this because you were fed up, we’re ranked 58, have a guild level of 105 and are very active with one place available if you are interested in joining an active guild intent on climbing up the rankings? Our guild is called quimby and if you want to join please let me know your invite code via pm. I can make more places available if you have a couple of other active players. Gold bonus 100%, champion league (max).

You got a free bump. Sorry, I should have sent you a message.

Don’t worry mate you will catch us up in no time I wish you well on building your Guild :slight_smile: See you on Globe chat Druss

Weekly reset bump! Stats updated as well, I’ll probably be updating them again in the next day or so after clearing out the six or so inactive members that joined up. But we have a good number of fairly active players now, and we got up to Champion 1 level for trophies, so our gold bonus is now sitting at 100%. And we did manage to get up to rank 1188 as well by the reset :smiley:

Fingers crossed we crack the top 1000 by the next one!

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Hey RyuuHou. If you are still recruiting I’d be interested in joining. I’m level 129 and usually play daily. My invite code is AARON_YPMA

I actually did. Sorry about that. If things don’t work out I will definitely keep you in mind. Figures as soon as I come on here to ask after not being able to find one then I get to join one. Thanks again.

Right, so if people could refrain from contacting me or posting in here if you’re not even going to bother waiting to hear BACK from me before joining another guild, that’d be swell. Thanks.

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Good luck. Your approach is exactly what I started with and now we’re 10th in the world on PS4. Regards

Are you still looking? I ended up taking over a guild as it had been abandoned by the original leader but I seem to be putting in maximum effort for little reward! Only me & about 4 others active out of 24 & I can’t even kick the low level to create spaces! Thinking of disbanding it if I can find someone who’ll have me :grin:

Ok, I’m at work atm but will try to message them this afternoon. Is Monday ok as between us we’ve hit a few rewards & it seems a shame to waste them!

Yeah I see your point :joy: my invite code is PM’D, if you can give me til about 6pm (9 hours or so) I’ll message the rest.
How do they find you?

Giving you a friendly bump up good luck!

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Bumping the thread - we are rising up the ranks but still no requirements other than staying active & contributing what you can.
On a personal level this guild has helped me improve massively :+1:

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@RyuuHou24 I have sent you a pm. :grin:

Bumping, just to keep it fresh :+1:

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1 day with no bumps?

Hi, I am level 136 with all kingdoms to 7, and all magic / ark kingdoms to 10. I can contribute 100k, 1,000 seals, a week. I enjoy the game but will never be ultra hard core as I wrestle for time between my job and a young baby. If you have any spots open I would appreciate an invite.

Hey Phire! Glad to hear you want to join us :smiley: Just send me your invite code in PM (I can’t find it on your profile there) or just reply here with it if you want. Make sure you’re not in a guild currently, otherwise I won’t be able to send it too (happens more than you’d think).

(is that 10 characters?)