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Windrunners looking for active casual players!

Hello! Windrunners is a long time casual active guild with 3 spots currently open in our roster.

We are not a serious grinder guild. My requirement is be active. That’s it. Together we work towards the goals our members request. Need glory keys? Got it. Need souls? We’re on it.

No we don’t win guild wars, we don’t get legendary tasks done, we don’t hit 40000 guild seals in a week (we usually hit 20000+ though). We also don’t bust your chops for not giving 200K+ gold, or 1.5K seals or any of that. We have fun, we help each other and we play a great game.

Currently, the guild is open to any players level 50 and up. If you are below level 50, pm me, I can shoot you an invite if you are interested.