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Windfolk and Silenus in question

I was just thinking of playing some fun teams and stuff, when I remembered I might as well try some Windfolk teams. The idea about starting with 50% mana was tempting.

… When I realized, almost all Windfolk start with 50% mana already. Ragnagord, Nax, Blade Dancer… Faunessa starts at full mana, even.
… Why would they give King Silenus that trait?


They were fresh out of ideas I guess, unfortunately. So many missed opportunities…

I traited silenus then didn’t bother traiting nax. Weird design choice imo.

For now, the only thing legendary about Silenus traits is his impervious…
But I guess with new troops and maybe a wildfolk hero class, this trait could become usefull. Just not at the moment…

Rework! Rework! :smile:

Do they stack together to become +100%?

They don’t. They rewrite each other. Meaning if you had Faunessa 2nd slot and Silenus 4th slot, your faunessa would actually start the battle with 50% mana only.

This was fixed some time ago. They still don’t stack, but you’ll no longer reduce the mana of an empowered troop with the 50% mana legendary traits.

Imagine how good this trait would be if the Wildfolk race was never split. I have no idea why they made a conscious decision to categorize the Wildfolk into a bunch of more specific categories, then months later put in a legendary trait that only applies to the ones that they failed to categorize.

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Oh, I didn’t know that. I always purposefully avoided it because of the past.
… Looks like nuclear chemists can learn something new every day, too. :sweat_smile:
Thanks for enlightening me!