Will you support chinese player has been participant in chinese translation of the game?

Today, Chinese version of GOW seemed like the wind . And moved like it ,come and go as soon. but still makes a lot of China game player feel surprise, but there are also many disappointed. Because the quality of translation and the game is not match., we know that is not the final result, but Quite a few of chinese player are getting worried about the official version of Chinese translation quality in future.

  • yes,that’s very helpful to the game official localization in china.
  • no,That was totally unprofessional.
  • I dont known,

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i think the chinsease version (and russian version, maybe few more) was never ment to be available with the 3.0.5 update - im guessing most probably due to its quality and the fact it is not finished?

so i dont think there is any necessity in grading that translation quality

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