Will we get compensated for the Amanithrax Delve Event?

I am just curious how will we get compensated for all those losses during this Event?

Yes, I am talking about the Boss Room and so-called Treasure Multiplier which is actually decreasing the amount and value of our Delve rewards.

Prob just an irrelevant mailbox reward for all players if I had to guess

Maybe we should post that there’s a free gem glitch
They prob have a siren attached to it to wake them up to fix and punish immediately Lol

Realize they are human and they make mistakes. Need to give them time to look into the issue before discussing how they can deal with it.

Just have patience.


The best compensation would be something like, “Sorry, haha. Maybe releasing new events after local Friday business hours isn’t a good idea. We’re going to stop releasing weekend events so we can both meet your quality expectations and have a weekend.”

I mean otherwise they could play it a lot of ways. The one that makes sense but players will hate is, “This bug affected all players equally, so everybody got reduced rewards. We owe no compensation.”

20 shards per boss room beaten, that sounds like about fair compensation. So a 50 delve run to 500 would get you 1000 shards.

If we get to level 500, Can’t we get the gem equalivent of the missed rewards in actual gems (since we spent actual gems to get to level 500)?

2000 will make me happy

1000 shards, 50 legendary ingots and 20 mythic ingots. A crow can dream.

Anyone who has been in the game for a few years knows better. Compensation never comes close to the offense.

Seriously, the “compensation” I want is still “We’re sorry this happened, we’ve been dropping the ball. From now on we’re going to work harder to test things and might delay events if it seems a little shaky.” Then a few months of actually doing that and seeing a notable increase in quality.

Good business apologies have three parts:

  1. This is what happened.
  2. This is what we’re doing to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  3. This is what we’re doing to make up for damages incurred.

GoW always does (1), sometimes does (3), but only rarely makes it to the “empty promises” version of (2).

I’ve never played a game that so consistently and regularly has year-old features break.


Agreed. This faction was already planned but postponed a month ago due to some unfinished stuff.
One would think that it’s been thoroughly tested before release.
Still, I claimed all 16 reward stages and I am now at Level 260 Delve.
I am not angry or anything, but I have something to say instead.

@Kafka and @Saltypatra
I think the office you work in must be cleansed and blessed by a Priest to avoid getting entangled into the same webs, to remove the curse altogether.
Make sure to have a lot of Holy Water to sprinkle yourself (not necessarily on the hair) when you realize you’ve made a mistake.

Order Holy Water: $5 for 1 liter :wink:

What do you expect for a free to play game?

Nah in this particular case you just got unlucky

I’m playing one right now that regularly schedules downtime, up to 6 hours long, when deploying new features so they can test it works. Players get currency compensation before the downtime with the in-game email warning, and also get compensation after the downtime that scales with how long it is.

The last one I played never released content that had to be patched over 2 years.

Why, what do YOU expect from people that want your money?