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Will using a weaker team net me more gold?

Will using a weaker team net me more gold? I’ve heard gold you get from matches is effected by the point score of the team you are using? What’s the best way to milk the system for more gold?

Do you or your partner play on pc??
If so, go do 20 matches on pc and write down the power rating and how much gold the battle is worth.
Now after that go do 20 matches on console.

Lol, you should notice a big difference way before you reach 20 battles on console. Simply put console is getting screwed on pvp gold currently atm.

I get a lot more gold for hard battle on mobile, but my team power score is ~5300. On xbox I use 4 fully traited mythics with a power of about 8800.

Yep, makes no diff. My power rating on pc is slightly higher then my console one and I get way more gold for option 3 hard

I agree, the gold is too low.

At least they fixed the legendary drop rates.

Funny thing is I noticed on the first day of pvp update that something ain’t right.

Its also good to know that xbox and ps4 are both seeing this problem. Maybe the devs might do something about this now.

that is something i would like to know for both mobile and xbox versions of game

Setting a weaker team for defense gives you lower gold offers when you invade because the offers will have lower power ratings on average. Likewise, you’ll be offered easier 3-trophy matches on average.

yes theoretically but in same time reaching highest team score will prevent me from getting highest gold as the difference between my score and the enemy score also matters towards gold calculation… or so it seems, so where is the golden balance?