Will those 4 Bounty troops be in the drop pool tomorrow?


Tomorrow will be exactly 4 weeks since they were relesaed and the drop pool needs to be changed for all the mythics to be in it. Can we get the Bounty rare troops with gold and glory keys or just with gems again? @Saltypatra @Ozball


Yes. I saw data that he gold chests will change at reset tonight. (Only saw changes to gold chests, not glory).


Keeping an eye on this. It could be another case of troops entering chests at the correct time, but being omitted from some keys.


I got 0 troops from gold and glory keys


Bounty Troops are in gold chests.


Ice Wraith, Rift Lynx, Scavenger, Parrot are in Gold Chests.


I got a Parrot in gold chests here.


Is Tarans site is outdated? It says missing there, yet I managed to get the buties troops in gold chest.


Taran is not updated yet


Thank you Goodwill wizard.


All 4 expected ones in glory chests also.


Oh well, I’m a bit late. But as another suppporting voice, all 4 Bounty troops are in gold chest, on Android. I spend 600 keys and get each one of them.

On a side note. You should buying all the tier in Bounty shop before you start opening any chests. Open a few gold chests to ascent some close-to-next-rarity troop, as new kingdom is close by. Glory chest should be last resort, as it’s also emergency Mythic resources. All Bounty troops should be all Mythic (or very close) when next Base-Mythic arrive.


The new bounty troop doesnt seem to be adding any multiplier to my team?


1200 gold keys, 2M gold and my Rift Lynx is Legendary and Pridelands is at 9 stars!
Ice Wraith (M) + Parrot (L) + Rift Lynx (L) + Pharoah (R )
6 + 5 + 5 + 2*2 = 20 multiplier.

Scavenger is still Epic, only 4 multiplier.


PC/Steam confirming that I personally pulled all four from both Gold Chests and Glory Chests across three accounts.