Will there be other factions with 3-room route?

I mean - like Hall of Guardians, All-Seeing Eye, Crypt Keepers. Or will all further factions have only 4- or 5-room minimal route (if not 6 and more)?

Shut up!! … he didn’t mean that, don’t get any ideas, devs…


3 rooms in Crypt can be harder than 5 in Warrens…

In Crypt (and HoG) middle room is always purple. So you get a common room, a purple room, and a mythical room.
In Warrens for example, you get a common room, a green room, two blue rooms and a mythical room.

That 1 purple in crypt can be worse (enemy and stat wise) than 1 green&2 blue in warrens.

The last room before the Mythic one may be any from II to IV (but always treasure). Yes, you may meet Bulettes or Cockatrice in a room IV, but in general these 3-room-minimal factions are shorter and easier than 4- and more.

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