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Will there be a mythic Goblin? Stryx? Mech?

And Construct as well. All other classes are present among mythics.


That would be nice. Not to mention a goblin hero class would be nice


Yes, but they will all be Divine as well


There’s a Rogue and an Elf at the door, they’d like to have a word with you.

Yep, missed them. So many possibilities!

There already is a mythic goblin her name is Princess Fizzbang.

There should totally be a mythic goblin. It should explode all green gems, then either decrease a random enemy stat by [Magic + 1] or increase a random ally stat by [Magic + 1], then summon a doomstorm, then create 64 skulls.

Goblins are really weak and underused, it’d be nice to see them get some love.

I thought we agreed it’s mythic is to gain an extra turn on 3 gem matches?

Thumbs up for a Goblin mythic and all other trooptypes that have none yet.
Also more mythics for all the trooptypes that have their one token mythic that’s mostly underpowered or of minimal usefulness and ffs stop the Divine mythic spam.