Will the new Adventurers Path icon eventually go away?

I’m an end gamer that has completed all the relevant content (at least I think I did). I’d rather not have yet another useless icon cluttering my main board. Will it eventually go away on its own or did I miss something I need to finish to make it go away.



It’s a Quality of Life change, I’m sure they’ll eventually handle it similar to other Quality of Life topics.


I suspect they got some display trigger plugged in the wrong way. As far as I could tell the icon only shows when there are no rewards to collect, it disappears when there are rewards available.


Even though it’s annoying to see that huge icon under the medals, I think I can deal with it atm. Who spends all day looking at their world map? I am either in a game or in the pvp screen.

After collecting the rewards, but before restart

After I restarted the game I got the normal icon.