Will necromancer hero class get necromancy trait tomorrow for the class event?


I watched part of the stream last week. It’s too bad @Nimhain didn’t just back off her excellent (high workload) idea of complete unique custom Classes a little bit. I still believe they need a Tree option for each Race and to pull the hodgepodge of disorganized Races out of random trees.

@Sirrian commented on an excellent design idea that there were no choices before the rework. However, in an ironic twist what he has failed to do is examine the actual end product: with 3 Trees containing randomized Traits all we have is the ILLUSION of choice and not REAL choices. Some rows give the player zero real choices (bad, bad, bad) some are (bad, ok, bad).

The Class rework is such a missed opportunity for awesomeness, it make me shake my head whenever I look at almost every Talent Tree option.

I still believe: the Necromancer Classes needs an Undead column with APPROPRIATE Perks. One option could be @Tacet request in his OP.


Thanks for the explanation on that general issue.
But what about the magic gains directly on weapon upgrades of weapons that don’t do anything with it, like Golden Cog for example?
Are we going to see a change on those or are we just to accept that several of those weapons’ upgrade levels are literally for nought?


i use mountain crusher on a couple of teams, and noticed a few days ago that it has about the most useless final upgrade…

the weapon itself explodes brown gems…its final upgrade, which costs however many legendary ingots, is “explode a brown gem”.


They should call that last upgrade “Encore!”


Now it’s explode [Magic] brown gems. With final upgrade, it’s [Magic +1].
Remember there are some abilities that decrease your magic.

But yeah, it deserves a more powerful final upgrade.