Wildfolks perk and wildfolk king

Dear support, I have played wildfolks and upgrading them fully. But one thing disappointing me… Any wildfolk has “50% mana at the start of battle”. King has “all wildfolks gain 50% mana at the start of the battle”. Summary it is 50%… Well, if they going to 100% it will be cheat, but if you has the king, you then not need one of abilities of each wildfolk. That’s not a good idea. May be you’ll give them another perk?

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You mean that King Silenus’ trait is a bit wasted as most Wildfolk have Fast trait…

Yes I agree, they should get reworked / buffed…


I made a suggestion thread sometime back about this. Check it out.

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Going be the Dev Q&A, the next kingdom to get a rework is Pan’s Vale, theme stat stealing. Most Wildfolk are from Pan’s Vale, so it’s likely we’ll see a change to their traits.