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Wild Plains is not the Raid Boss kingdom this weekend?

Xbox One X

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was assuming to use this troop with 20% featured bonus in the Raid Boss weekend.

But after 30 minutes of searching and telling my guild wrong teams to use, I found out that Wild Plains is not the kingdom to be built around
Instead I found this troop from Zaejin to be the Godslayer troop this weekend.

Dejavu…,… Apparently dots don’t count as characters…

I don’t think weekend events have ever coincided, at least not on purpose. As to why this isn’t the case, it’s probably due to some weekend events not actually having associated kingdoms (Arena, Vault) and new factions usually releasing on a week that’s not their kingdom because that would mean that the Tuesday faction would be incorrect (i.e. there couldn’t be a Tuesday faction matching the kingdom when that kingdom’s faction hasn’t been released yet).

As to whether this should be considered a bug or not, guess we’ll find out when someone looks at it. Just mentioning that weekends haven’t matched except accidentally.

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When Raidboss and Invasion shifted to being 3-day weekend events – as opposed to previously being 7-day weeklong events – the correlation between the week’s kingdom/trooptype and the permitted kingdom/trooptype for Raidboss/Invasion ceased. It simply stopped being a thing.

There’s certainly a typo in the first screenshot OP posted above where it claims the Kingdom should be Wild Plains. Even though they’re showing Hellcackle. But that’s about as far as it goes; we haven’t had a Raidboss or an Invasion from the “kingdom of the week” in quite some time. Although that latter seems like it’s going to change in a few weeks, at least temporarily, because the spoilers pages suggest we’re getting weeklong events tied to the incoming kingdom.

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