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Wiki Needs your HELP!

Hi, guys I updated the Wiki a bit but I need some help.

Can anyone get me the ALL MANA symbol as a RAW .png? The one on “Prismatic Orb” Weapon or When the game is loading in the right bottom corner. I am asking for that because I can only find THIS one in the game files.

Then I added some Troops but because I already Acended them, I can’t enter the right numbers:
The Devoted
Infernal King

And one last Question, when I am editing Traits and there is a Trait not added yet like here:
but the page is created:
how can I put it in without the “MISSING” ?

All the mana symbols can be found on ashtender.com.

Here they are:


All troop information can be found in the Gems of War Database here:

The two troops you were asking about are:

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Thank You!
I will edit them ASAP!

Do you have the image of the Mana Gems, maybe in a higher resolution?

because 32x32 is a bit low.

Sure, here’s a higher-res list:


Thank you soo much!

hi, me again
I just noticed, what happend on some gems? like here:

or here:

because i found some gems not with these in it:

no answer?

No idea, sorry.

do you know somehow I can get the gems out from the game itself?
some sourcecode or something?

All the images are available in the game assets. Feel free to extract them using whatever image tool you have at your disposal.

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Those are the data files, not the image files, but they’re nearby. Search for .png and .jpeg files a bit higher up and you’ll find them really fast.

do you mean in the Graphics folder???
because there AREN’T the Gems I need

You might need to find a tool that can open .atf files, there might not be a .png file readily available.

ya, I tried to do it with atf2png, but it doesn’t work…
I don’t know what’s wrong

I just double-checked, and the source images have those same artifacts, it’s not due to how I imported them from the game files. What you’re looking at is an artifact of DXT5 compression, which is a lossy compression algorithm that does poorly with large color variance over a small (4x4-pixel) sample space – exactly the kind of sharp contrast you see at the edges between mana colors. I’m afraid the only solution is to manually fix up the images in an editor.


I’ve uploaded a tool I created for use with ATF decompression here:


It requires .NET 4.6 runtime to be installed, which you can get here if you don’t already have it.