Widow Queen free summon without killing (if solo)

Literally never used my widow queen before today, but I got randomly curious. Since she can’t target herself anymore, what would happen if she’s only troop in a team? Would she just be unable to cast?

Nope, you get one “free” summon. 1) Target Not Available; 2) deal small base damage, NOT boosted by life (my base is 11 here); 3) free summon.

I guess working as intended since it applies the spell without any extra damage.

But this basically means infinite summons/sacrifice loop as long as Queen stays alive. I can’t imagine any use for this stupid trick though, except the old snotstone “summon X troops” which went away a long time ago.

I searched for threads before posting, but apparently no one else uses their widow Queen either :wink:

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I used her during the doom tower this week and also had one instance where i noticed she wouldnt sacrifice herself as the last troop. I did win the match when the summoned troop was enough to give me the advantage. Fairly insignificant but handy in a pinch…imo.

Hah, desperate times call for desperate measures :wink:

After I posted I realized this is how Black Beast works too (execute half the spell when solo or an impervious ally) so it’s not actually as neat a trick as I thought. Side note anyone using black beast? :joy:

Well, that’s good news then. Vash Dagon may do the same thing…

Yep, upcoming Vash is part of what made me curious. We will see…

Vash’s spell has specific language about checking if the troop being devoured, so I don’t think this would apply to him.

Oh yeah, I forgot that description had been changed. Perhaps this is why