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Why? Why must I click?!

Dear Devs,

When I make my daily 100 kills (or the occasional 150 color kills) you immediately give me gems. I don’t have to quit what I’m doing, seek out adventures, and click through 3 screens to claim them.

So it perplexes me that I must do exactly that for EACH of my campaign tasks. WHY? Why can’t I be simply notified of my reward, then notified of what my next task is? Please, convenience me!



Why? Because every time you go back to the campaign interface you are tempted to purchase the elite pass.


Shouldn’t then the paid elite pass members get to avoid the clickings?


What he said!


I can’t really comment anymore without saying mean things about the dev team.


I’d say more to point after all these years, why do we still have to collect seals, it should do it itself


Funny thing is, the ability to avoid having to go back to the campaign menu is more useful than all of the extra elite+ pass rewards after 1000.

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I always wondered why we have a Beta team. Its like my uncle that bought a porsche but he never drives it its in the garage.

While I agree that the primary reason you have to click on it is to force you to go through the advertisement for the Elite Pass, I think it also functions as a way of immediately showing you what the next task is.

But since they assume people read the weekly World Event’s scoring convorules on this forum, shouldn’t they also assume people have already got the full task list from Hawx?


Nobody assumes that… You can play this game without ever visiting forums…


The Beta team is supposed to look for bugs, not weird design decisions. It’s a bit like being tasked to proof read a master thesis. Pointing out spelling mistakes is okay, pointing out that the whole content doesn’t make sense due to being based on incorrect data is out of scope. The deadline for the master thesis is always just around the corner, so anything but spelling corrections is an unwelcome deterrent best ignored.


GoW beta testers are first-look players that are there to provide feedback mainly. There is a QA team (actually paid) for flushing out bugs. And no, just because there is a QA team doesn’t mean it is or should be bug free. There is no such thing as bug-free software.

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Feedback about what exactly? As much as I’ve heard the design is already set in stone at the point they become involved, with nothing but minor configuration tweaks possible.


I think we’re agreeing here.
While it is true beta programme feedback regarding something like Epic Tasks or Arena Rework is not going to result in major rework, minor tweaks are still possible. While bug catching is not a primary task of the beta testers, a fresh pair of eyes may pick up something new - it’s just not their main task, as per

General feedback may go into the backlog earlier. Other people like to prepare guides from things they have early access to. Streamers may choose to pre-record from beta server to release a review as soon as embargo is lifted (something goes live). Possibly many other reasons I’m missing.

And people should not conflate inaction with not receiving feedback. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you does not mean they didn’t hear you, it can also mean they either do not understand something the same way you do (regardless of who is right), or they are not acting upon it immediately.

What is the Beta Programme?

  • “constructive criticism and feedback”
  • “beta testers will be set loose in the update, and alongside encouraging general feedback, we will have specific parts of the update that we will seek thoughts on