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Why we have to fight with them?(Guild Wars)

They are too weak.:thinking:

I found nothing in GoW Support for how to improve Guild Wars Rank quickly.

Climb quickly will not work.
Developers believe that playing against dead guilds is very interesting.

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The first guild I created climb up to 170+ in more than one year by playing against dead guilds. This is ridiculous.

I think the dev response on this has been “We want to do something about it” for the entire almost 2 years I’ve been playing.

Eventually the ‘want to’ becomes questionable. I’ve said “I want to” start working out for about 2 years. My wife gets more skeptical every day. She’s right. What I really want is, “I want to avoid the negative side effects of a sedentary lifestyle.”

I’m not sure what the devs really want instead of adopting a better approach to a more competitive GoW mode. Apparently “emoji packs”.