Why the Court of Foxes has only 4 troops?

We already have several delves with 5 troops, where 5th troop was added later (much later, yes) and doesn’t take part in defense teams. Why the Court of Foxes cannot be made complete at the start? So then the 1st room team will look like “Rare - Ultra-Rare - Epic1 - Epic2” instead of the old scheme (“Rare - Ultra-Rare - Epic - Epic”). Add the deep delve later, no problem, but please fix defense faction teams.

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That’s how it’s always been. New factions only have 4 troops. Ever.

It’s because this isn’t the deep delve release. That will follow at some point (but we have a lot of other factions that will come first).

I believe it’s a bad tradition. As long as we’ll get the 5th troop sooner or later - why not to add it now and make better defense teams?

They want to have a reason for people to spend gems when they release the deep delve I guess.