Why some troops should not be a part of an event week in regards to GWs

And please don’t give me that 40% for devour made any real difference. - Look what 8 rounds of kerb devouring the little spider babies did (which btw, we had had our own uber team of Fenrir, Spider, Kraken, Forest Guardian…) did not matter

2 Kerbs 1 spider 1 forest guardian this week is just not worth playing GW. Sitting this week out.



Why don’t people learn?


Here we go again. GOW too hard to play. Nerf nerf nerf nerf…

Some people slow learners. Barrier, silence, mana drain, deathmark, devour, even scarlet from event stones can handle Kerb.

Its not anyones fault except yours that you arent even trying to adapt to the situation. Have you even ever tried fighting Kerberos with 4x impervious troops? I am certain that you havent. Kerberos can do what you posted in the screen shot without any stat bonus from the event. It is you who have to counter him. You are given the option to check the enemy team before a fight for a good reason.


using a devour team against another one isnt a good idea either
whenever you devour, and they devour you back they get all the extra life that you had


I’d rather take the occasional loss than play the slow clunky messes that are all impervious teams against a combined 600+ defense points, but yeah the people here are right, everything that you need to counter devour is in the game, it is on you to use it, or not and just take it to the chin.
Title is half right though and should be changed into ‘why anything should not be an event week’.


Just to clarify, Beasts aren’t this week’s event type. Wargare is.

It’s the Maugrim Woods buff you’re looking at here.


Rofl… I totally missed that :rofl:

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Yah, they can be slow, which is why I try to mix and match counters where I can. I used Fenrir/FG/Spirit Fox/Wulf for my 5 battles.

Allows for protection against Devour via:
Stealthy (SF)
Impervious (Wulf)
Barriers (FG)
Indirectly via targeted mana drain

Wulf in last place against the pesky Krakens.


Show me 6 (by the colors) fully powerful teams that will win every single battle (30 battles folks) in GWs against the following:

Kerb / Spider / Forest Guardian / Kerb - Mythic, Fully Traited and for those in ranks 3-6 (aka more than 8000 point team)

Remember the defense team in GW does not have to be anything BUT this combo this week…It is going to be even more of an advantage because of the event buffs

My forest guardian was taken out round 2 by Kerb 1 (and it was in third position)

Sorry, yes. However it doesn’t change that Kerb/Guardian get those buffs :slight_smile:

I have always lost using all impervious teams. I’ve lost going up with just the normal kerbx2 without the Event buffs with the Spirit Fox, one good devour from Kerb puts the life out there and Spirit fox - can only do so much before everyone else is devoured around him.

Forest Guardian - Awesome if he’s not taken out the second round by a devour.

People here assume that some of us are idiots and have never tried half if not all the combinations to deal with this.

I’ve got 3 teams (of the colors) that work against the normal Kerbx2/Forest Guardian. - heck I used that today but again, if Kerb gets to devour the first time he’s cast, someone’s toast on a very critical team. Take out Guardian - loose your barriers and then depending on who’s in first place you could have that team taken out with skull damage, and then another with skull damage… (one of the rounds my fox was taken out because of skull damage)

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Honesty, Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.

If you can’t trust your teams that will beat a certain combo, go with something you know works.

Do you really need someone to give you all the answers?

I just keep playing transform skullstorm and let god decide who is to win. Most of the time it works out, sometimes it doesn’t but who’s got time for this eventtroop countering nonsense?
If i really wanted to play it safe i’d prolly just go transform manadrain heavy, transformloop, or summoners … and then get styled on by a simple 3-match leading to 20+ mana for the opponent, but whatever.

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Yes, yes sir! :smiley:

WULF BROTHERS - Dragon Banner



Forest Guardian


Did the work for me 4 times today…



No Wulfgarok traited
No Plague

– Yes to Forest guardian

So can’t do

One of our newer guild members, who is level 169, was able to obtain five wins from today’s Guild War (rank 7), receiving 6180 points.

He only has 320 unique troops, meaning he’s missing 47 altogether. Apart from the fact he doesn’t have his kingdoms maxed, or many troops escalated to Mythic, nor completed traits. He seemed to have no problem going against elite players with an elite defence. Without any help mind you. He just made do with what was at hand.


I just wanted to share my team. I know that some is missing the troops, but hopefully not everyone that came over my post.