Why so few Verse 2?

Why is it Verse 2 is extremely hard to get, and it took me months to just get this many. I only have 13 of these compared to the other 3. 36, 46, 27. This just does not seem right.

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For me it’s Verse 4, it’s different for each player.


Statistically, Cindi Savagelips is more likely to get away because her spell explodes gems, generating mana, giving her a higher chance to cast again should she not escape on first cast.

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I’m currently missing Verse 3, myself … with at least 3 copies of the others. Hoagi got away on a previous encounter, but was fortunate enough to show up again before the GAP weekend was over.


It’s verse 3 for me, as well. I wish we could trade them. I’ve got 21 fewer Verse 3 than the next closest verse and 31 fewer than the verse I have the most of (which, ironically, is verse 2).

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Always missing V2. I’m already happy to have 5 of each verse, unfortunately V2 usually is 0-3 at best at all times. The other 3 are offered in-game quite often, but not V2. :thinking:

Because its random, if each of you roll dice like 600 times, none of you get exactly 100 times each number, some have more 5 than 2, and some have more 1 than 6. After you craft all you GaP you can, you left with the delta, and “forget” the real number beyond. So showing us the current verse like 0,11,15,19 without telling us the number of GaP you already played is biased data. Supposed you played 200 GaP, so you collected 200, 211,215,219 which very reasonable for pure random.


I started playing in 2017 and approximately had 50 GaPs (not vault events, just complete sets of verses) since 2017. With less V2 than the rest. Can’t tell more unfortunately, because on Vault weekends I’m not able to farm more verses due to work.

Yeah, totally. I was more posting to show that it’s not actually any particular verse with a “bad” drop rate, it’s just that RNG is annoying.


Now if anyone wants to start a community data collection project for Gnome verses, go right ahead. As far as we can assume, nearly every possible source of a Verse is RNG as to which one.