Why Players think the AI cheats

As our levels go up yes the difficulty will always scale up so as not to have people go on a 500 win streak until they make a mistake. This game would be stale if we played friendly rng all the time. It’s ok for things not to go our way once in a while.
My meme was to point out that almost everything you post is some sort of gripe or complaint, dont you think the devs would like to hear you actually like something once in a while. Your asking them to change the entire ai because once in a while you lose a match. It is just silly.

Also, not sure what your original team was but if youd like a better shot at a 50 plus win streak, anything that explodes or destroys give more RNG risk. Converters are much safer :v:

All 3t pvp aside from the revenge battles

You mean my feedback on how I believe the game could be better? Cause it’s better to just say nothing or be critical of others thoughts on the matter?
Who made you Forums police?
If you like the “luck Factor” in the game then simply state that.
Coming at me because I’m pointing out a flaw does nothing to help the game nor the community.
Again, I have zero issues with losing. It’s going to happen with or without the luck Factor existing.
It’s the knowledge of knowing I was going to win a match but then a code kicked in that made sure I was going to lose… That’s my issue. Not so much the losing, but how and why I lost that particular match.

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Thanks for reading the OP. I know reading is hard.
The match wasn’t in PvP.

:clap::clap::clap::clap:. Cool story bro.

Your op stats you couldnt get past 49 50 pvp matches before your tower video…

Converters help control luck, was stating you were clearly using an exploder

Yep, but I’m aware that we both are not seeing the same difficulty. That the game is programmed to be a different difficulty for every single player depending on the day or week in ranked PvP.
I pointed out that I couldn’t win more than 40 because clearly FOR ME at the time. Something was happening that would make it “okay you’re going to lose this match”.
Yesterday the AI was even more ridiculous…I couldn’t win more than 20 matches in RpVp. But I know, it’s only a matter of time before the AI allows me to Win 100+ matches again.
Personally, I don’t enjoy letting me win, nor making sure I lose. I enjoy winning because I used the right counter team and made the right moves. I want to play chess, not black jack.

My Tod team has zero exploders, only converters.
Thanks to Doomskulls being on the board. Webspinner can easily kill 3 troops on one turn it in just gets one skull match with a Doom skull to set up the right cascade for it and when the luck Factor’s help to control the RNG of the gems.
Luck Factor does not consider that webspinner is doing 210 damage per skull match.
It only considers that the defense only has 1 troop on the board compared to my 4 at the time. So let’s help it with a little RNG help.
And because the other 3 troops died so quickly. It doesn’t have time to catch up and make the “luck” even again. On Marilith’s first cast. “Clearly” luck was still favorable to the AI.


I guess to end this back and forth. Like you said earlier I guess I like the slight luck factor, it’s not like our win rates on offense are below 75%, we still win most of the time, getting kicked in the teeth once in a while creates new strategies new teams. We might approach the next match a little differently to try to not repeat the outcome. If the luck factor only let us win 50% or less then there would be an issue here. As it’s set now it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

What I’m watching unfold here is as frustrating as being in the situation that started this post.

The situations above are “rare”. They probably happen at a rate of 1/200 matches. But endgame players play that many matches per day, often many more. So they’re very likely to see it multiple times. And each one feels bad.

That rate also means a lot of people can go 100 or even 200 matches without seeing it happen. They can even use the same team as the unlucky person.

That’s the problem. It’s “luck”. So when you lol at a person who had bad luck and say “I use that team all the time and that didn’t happen”, it’s like you’re sitting at a slot machine that just paid out telling everyone else “Ha ha, losers, you should git gud like me.”

It takes a big chunk of skill to win a lot of matches in GoW. But there’s also a chunk of luck involved that nobody who has it admits. It works, because there are so many players there’s always a few dozen people having really good luck that falsely believe their skill is at play.

Everyone would sing a different story if guilds had a 10-member max. The fewer people you can average your luck across, the wider your swings will be.


Same team I used for the ToD. I used again against the boss again right after. Won easily.
It had zero to do with my build. It had everything to do with the luck factor kicking in.
An entity in the game that nothing can counter against.

I attribute it to a gambler on a hot streak.
Currently @Bobzilla34 is being given favorable luck in ranked PvP so he has zero issue with it.
I on the other hand am getting unfavorable luck and therefore for have an issue right? Not entirely, I recognize the fact that my post came directly after getting unfavorable luck. But it had more to do with the reason I finally caught it on tape! (So to speak).
I know from having alts that literally everyone is experiencing the game a different way.
I have never changed my resolve. I hate the Luck Factor mechanic. No matter if it’s helping me win. Or making sure I lose. Either way, it takes the human element out of the game.

The only problem with taking the luck factor out, is the they would probably make the ai extremely difficult, and the teams the devs build would not be so random. They would build teams with great synergies and loop us the way we currently do to the ai. The luck factor let’s players who arent pros or more casual have a chance to win. It let’s garbage teams win once in a while to help the game be more approachable. Not everyone is a master team builder, not everyone can see a few moves ahead. It would be great for end gamers but not so for newer players.

So if I have to take a loss every 50 or 20 matches that’s outside my control to keep the game approachable to a wider audience I’m willing to accept that.

How gracious of you.

Then don’t take it out of PvP.
But luck factor should have nothing to do with guild events what so ever. In guild wars it should come down to skill. Not luck. And in the other guild events it should come down to who has the most gems and then skill, but still no luck.
The AI is already customized by each server and each guild event. It’s entirely possible to have your cake on one server (PvP) and eat it on another server (guild wars).

Sorry, is the assertion here that the game literally has code in it that checks the day of the week, or week of the month, and adjusts its AI and random number generator accordingly? That’s not at all what I thought your premise with this thread was, in that I thought that this particular complaint was about the perception of unfairness instead of actual, codified foul play.


The difficulty in game scales per player to be different. I have no clue what influences that change. I was using the days as an example of how different it can be. This week I’m getting unfavorable RNG. Next week I could get better or worse.
Do win streaks influence the luck factor? I honestly have no idea. But it does seem suspect when I win 40-50 at a time last week and can’t get over the 50 mark without the AI saying you shall not pass.
What I DO Know for sure. Is the luck factor kicked in during the match I cited in the OP.
And I for one… Am truly sick of it. And can completely understand why players think the AI cheats. And why they quit playing. As @Slypenslyde eluded to earlier. 80% of why I am active on the forums is for GoW player retention.
I can cite 1000 examples of how and why I’m still successful in the game no matter the difficulty.
I speak for more than just myself.

Perhaps it’s naive of me to question, then, what you perceive as luck versus the inherent luckiness you get out of random number generators. To me, the fact that you can get a 40-50 win streak and then not get one the next week is exactly what I’d expect to see with a game influenced heavily by random numbers like this. I understand wanting to play a more deliberate game freer from this randomness, but is that game really Gems of War? Put another way: this formula has been successful for the devs; the impetus to change the game so fundamentally feels low. @Slypenslyde might be onto something by suggesting new game modes that are less volatile, assuming these can be monetized and incentivized appropriately.


How can that honestly be determined? The game could have success despite the luck factor. It could potentially have more success without the luck factor being in play.
It used to be that a level 1000 player was a clear indication that a player would be sticking with the game. Long term.
But now a lot get to the end game, have accomplished all their is to accomplish. Then simply walk away.
Not saying it’s the only reason they quit. But the luck factor after level 1k is much more likely to benefit the AI then the player.
Please don’t get too caught up with my win streak deal. The luck factor could be related to it. Or it couldn’t.
It could of had to do more with the time of day I played than a anything.
The luck factor being the mechanic that decides who wins or loses in a match is wrong. Whether it happens 1 out of 10, or 1 out of 50 matches. It takes the strategy out of the game.
Forgive me if I’m wrong, Lyya, but you went from playing GoW a lot to now, barely a little bit. I don’t devalue your input based on your activity. I do question how “successful” the game is when a player who loves it like yourself. Desires to play it less and less though.