Why Lucky again?


Didnt we had this pet event already?
What about 20 other pets that we didnt have?


Because RNG isn’t just my safe word.


You don’t need a safe word if you’re not getting lucky.


The day-long pet events aren’t planned in an order that is helpful to players who don’t have a lot of pets. They’re completely random. That means Lucky might repeat 14 or 15 times before Moon Moon shows up, just like how the Soulforge used to work.


Nothing wrong with more kitty events, I love it!


This made me literally laugh out loud. Wasn’t expecting that. :joy:


I’m happy with the Lucky rescue everyone should have a chance to get him.


It’s suck that lucky is appearing at day-long event twice, instead of other pets. But at least it’s a loot exp pet, with give extra valuable resource to any players of all stages. So I’m a bit happy for getting a chance to Mythic it next week.


There is a very simple and logic explanation for everything cat-related: The devil!!!



I suspect it is not random, it is intended that on the weeks where we don’t have a new pet, the Loot pets will see a high rotation as these are useful to all players, all the time (unless you’ve maxed souls).


We will rotate through all the existing pets when not releasing new ones in time. :slight_smile: