Why Keghammer deserves a rebalance

I realy liked Keghammers ability to reduce the Magic (by 3), cause it gave me a lot of control over teams with:
(I) Create x [color]-Gems (Webspinner and Co.)
(II) Deal x+Magic Damage to all enemy or
(III) Reduce damage in general

I liked, because after the following changes, Keghammers ability is close to beeing useless
a) the changes to create-gem-abilities (they now produce fixed amount of gems, no magic involved and only the minor side effects are related to magic)
b) the 1.08 update, where you can +2 Magic by upgarding Kingdoms

(a) negates (I) completly and (b) reduce (II) and (III) by a significant margin.

So, I would like to see a rebalance of Keghammer (btw. its an EPIC), to make him somewhat more impactful. What do you think? (Pls dont add other cards, that might deserve adjustments. Thanks)

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Keghammer is one of the multitude of troops that has an ability that really needed to scale off magic. It was a static 3 before you could add magic with Kingdom bonuses, yet now that end game can add +2 magic, its negated. Keghammer’s traits are also way too expensive to unlock, so he is further limited by that.

I, personally, hate the kingdom bonuses. They make balancing troops from starting players through end game a terribly hard thing to do. Ascension also exasperated the balance issues.

I am hoping 1.0.9 makes a ton of good troop balancing adjustments.


Although if it makes you feel any better I’ve also been awarded extra wins before, so you that might happen to you some day :stuck_out_tongue:

Why single out Keg when the whole magic system in the game is out of whack?

Because i dont agree with your opinion about the magic system. I invite you to open y new topic and underline your claim with some arguments. Maybe you can convince me.

But your first post basically confirms that the magic system is out of balance? Pasa just stated the general case of the magic system being out of balance with old cards vs your specific example.

Then my post is missleading. Sorry for that. From my point of view, its not out of balance by ITSELF. Maybe other things made teh magic less powerful compared to skull damage (but not point of this topic).

With the introduction of kingdom bonuses there are much more bonuses for health, armor, life as ffor magic, but that suits with the fact, that upgardin a card with +magic abilitie only gets +1 magic much less times then the other stats.

I highlighted Keghammer, coz his abilitiy reduces magic by a fixed amount and through the recent changes, it made the ability less and less valueable. Simply compare it to a cards like “Do x+Magic damage and silence (or poisen or entangle or drain their mana)” While these cards second abilities still have the same impact as 6 mounth ago, Kegs “Do x+Magic damage and reduce Magic by 3” got nerfed by quite a margin.

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It’s a double-whammy and a completely valid point. Balance has always been terrible it appears. I play on PS4 and don’t have this issue yet, but I can see that the attempt to re-balance just simply didn’t work.