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Why isn't GoW on OSX/MacOS?

I think you had it right the first time. A lot of devlopers don’t port to Mac simply because the market share is less than 10%. Last I checked Apple’s current OS share is barely 5% of the market.

Porting an application isn’t that difficult and even more so now that Apple has been using X86 technology for years which PC’s have been doing for a lifetime. The bottom line is simple economics. There are more people using PC’s in the world than any other computer type so why bother target a few million people when you have billions to choose from.

Not sure where you’re checking, CCafe, but according to Wikipedia, Mac OS desktop/laptop market share is currently 26.2%. Also, if “only rich people can afford Macs”, as someone else stated earlier in this thread, and one could easily spend hundreds of dollars to get started playing GoW, might it be wise for the devs to target this high income market?

It’s been asked before and I think it boils down to this.

The game is Unity (not Adobe Air, as previously mentioned and probably corrected by someone else). In theory that means it should have a Mac client. The purpose of Unity is to be a cross-platform game engine. Lots of games work on many platforms via Unity.

However: as a developer I can tell you the effort involved in testing increases dramatically with every platform you add. Unity is supposed to make everything the same on all platforms. Nothing ever delivers on that promise. You always end up with weird little corners of your code where you have to do something different for some of the platforms. There’s no tool to find them. You have to test thoroughly.

The game currently has to be tested on PS4, XBO, PC, iOS, and the 4,875 different extant Android configurations. This is already such a great burden, no update in the past quarter has been delivered without a need for hasty patches. We’re still encountering bugs introduced 3 updates ago. Sometimes they go away for a short time and come back. Other times we get exciting new bugs. There’s no time to test, and no time for beta testers.

So I imagine having a Mac OS client will make the game even worse, because the already threadbare QA process will be stretched even more thinly.

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