Why is the leveling so out of control

For gamers over LEVEL 1000, it’s takes longer between each level. Why is that? You would think to make it easier for your LOYAL gamers, BUT NO, just totally the opposite. Why would want to bother knowing this fact. I’m in that quandary RIGHT NOW. Anyone else feels this way out there?

Name one game with leveling up where each subsequent level requires smaller amount of experience to achieve?
Every single example I can think of asks for more and more input to reach next level after next level.

Besides, for gamers over level 1000 reaching every next level matters less and less. There is still something in early 1000+, but later - makes hardly any difference at all.


In many other games I’ve played, the higher your level, the longer it takes to reach the next level. It’s not unusual for XP requirements to increase as you go up in level. And honestly, I have no problem with that as it gives meaning to reaching high levels. If GOW didn’t have increasing XP requirements, then there would have been a whole bunch of players sitting at the maximum level of 10,000 and thus the cap would have to be raised or removed entirely. And if there were no cap and no increasing XP requirements, then there would have been players with levels in the tens (or even hundreds) of thousands, thus making the hero level system a total farce.


Is it damn slow levelling up where I am above 1,600? Yes.

Do I expect it to be slow and get harder with each level? Also yes.

Would make no sense for levelling to get easier as you progress to higher levels.

I can, but it's highly esoteric and arguably also a glitch

The Pokemon series has six different level/experience curves. Three are a simple cubic (x^3) curve with overall scalars of 0.8x, 1.0x, and 1.25x. The fourth is also cubic but with a slight offset, ultimately falling somewhere close to the middle curve (just being smoother / “slower” in the mid levels).

The last two, nicknamed “fluctuating” and “erratic”, are effectively quartic (x^4) curves, but with differing parameters between certain level ranges – “fluctuating” levels up fast at low levels but the curve sharpens rapidly at higher levels (making it ultimately the “slowest” curve to max level) while “erratic” levels up very slowly at first, but the curve smooths out at higher levels and even actually drops after Lv.98 (making it ultimately the fastest curve to max level).

Furthermore, due to integer divisions used in the internal calculations, “fluctuating” develops a cycle every 2 levels where the experience required for next level increases then decreases (in a “2 steps forward, 1 step back” sense). “Erratic” develops a cycle where every 3 levels, the experience requirement for next level is lower than previously (in a “3 steps back, 2 steps forward, 2 steps forward” sense).

Due to experience points being graphically presented as a meter from 0% to 100%, this is not something you’re likely to notice during normal gameplay, but can be discovered if you analyze the actual experience numbers disclosed on a Pokemon’s status screen.


It always takes longer to level the higher you get

As you hit harder, get mightier troops
Win faster and more often.

I’m not sure , this is an actual real post.


Actually, you’re supposed to get better at playing the game. At level 1,000+, you’ve progressed enough in the game for leveling up to be justifiably harder.

Additionally, if you’re struggling with any mode in-game, there are plenty of players that are willing to help you, but you’ve provided no information that suggests this is the case.

Again, leveling up is supposed to get harder, not easier. This is how RPGs work and the devs know that.


Keep saying that to the people who leave the game PERMANENTLY. I know at least 10 players that have. I’m sorry but I’ve never ever known an RPG where select you in DUNGEONS where you can pick 2 status effects on ALL your troops in the negative side, whilst the enemy is just fine and dandy. How is that fair to the player. The game is rigged it studies algorithms. Also, I’ve been playing games since asteroids I know what RPGS are. Also, opponents turns can run up to 25 or more turns (I COUNTED ONE SESSION) to my 1 turn. THAT’s called RIGGED.

Hmmm ok

RPGs. Since asteroids ok.

Final fantasy 7. There were monsters you couldn’t kill no matter what level you were. The big underwater sea one has 10 million life. Ps. I completed this

Diablo 4. There’s certain characters that can’t beat the queen on there own , no matter what level you are. Ie. Druid.

So yes you started on asteroids, I started on defender on the Vic 20.

It’s always been this way. I dunno what you’ve been playing.

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Why the rush? I think the troops/weapons are more important. Dont even care about levels tbh.

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Gems of War is, first and foremost, not an “RPG”. It’s a collect-a-thon with RPG elements (the most powerful of which are not tied to individual cards, but your collection as a whole).

You probably forgot to also count situations where YOU can chain 20-plus turns together. The difficult part about claiming “it’s rigged” is proving, beyond reasonable doubt, that the “rigging” doesn’t go both ways. (Plus, if you happened to be facing an all-Goblin team, several of which appear in Underspire/Delves, then you should be counting board matches only and NOT spellcasts, since Goblin spells throw in free turns by default. Also, never fight Goblin teams without access to Freeze.)

Before the Pathfinder nerf, I tried logging how many turns I could chain by looping them. I also generally avoided running Explores (of basically any level) in Hellcrag due to Chalcedony being so common on the enemy team.


People aren’t leaving the game over struggling to level up.

They’re leaving because of bugs, terrible UI changes, delays with Guild Wars, problems with PvP, the increase in time investment, nerfs to pathfinders (Journey became worse), more RNG dragons with no dupe protection, the addition of sentinels to Underspire and their terrible drop rate, and other unnecessary changes that no player asked for. To top it off, many players don’t feel like they’re being listened to.

Again. The problem isn’t that leveling up is hard.

On the other hand, I don’t like the concept of perfect runs, but the RNG element for Gems of War is common with Match-3 games and the devs love RNG. If Dungeons is too hard for you at your level, that’s why you have the option to go back up to easier levels when the stairs appear.

Granted, in my opinion, I completely agree that the dungeon traps are stupid. I’m able to beat Dungeons at the hardest difficulty, but being handed no Dragonite simply because of finding 1 or both traps is absolutely annoying.


I’m either proud or embarrassed to say I started on PONG. :rofl:


Oooo noooo
Mate. I wasn’t counting

And the tomy eye games.

We’re about the same age I reckon.

I miss my spectrum so much.:sob:

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If your age is OLD… then yes. We are the same age. lol :rofl:

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What a perfect summary of all complaints. Would add increasing monetization also.


Considering PVP is level based, I appreciate slowing down my leveling. It would be nice to actually see the numbers just like almost all RPGs.

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to reach your next level
up to 1000 XP = nextlevel
after 1000 XP = 100(nextlevel-993)

total XP for for level >1000
XP = 500500+50*(level-1000)^2+750*(level-1000)

That’s how I think it was years ago. I don’t think it’s changed

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