Why is Faunette not being released this week?

It’s Pan’s Vale week. So why are we not getting Faunette (the Wildfolk bonus pet) this Wednesday?

It was good to finally get Shallow Borer. But it makes no sense to me to be releasing pets that double-up on existing bonuses or create completely new types of bonuses (individual troop bonuses) before filling all the existing gaps.

It seems to me you have a process problem, keeping track of what is and isn’t in the game and why. (Just one of many apparent process problems.)

PS: I’d really appreciate an actual answer, please!


It would be nice to have a non event pet to mythic to get past power level 22.

I’m not blowing gems on an event pet, even for a power level.


I’m just glad that Drool’Goth finally got a release



Currently Faunette is planned to be released some point after update 6.7.

Also, we do not accept bug reports on unreleased content as it’s design is not final.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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Maze banner was reported prior to release. Perhaps that policy should be reevaluated.


This is the dumbest, most short-sighted, least “community-oriented” thing I’ve read this month. You release broken content constantly. People here trying to make their experience better post “hey, that delve troop has the wrong colors!” and you’re saying, “nah, we’re good?” What a terrible position. This may be the post that finally drives me away. Congratulations.


Indeed, right on-brand for IP2 though.
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on topic of the pet:
I don’t care about this pet being released or not, I don’t need it at all, to me it has no upsides.
But, yeah, for this week a release would’ve matched.
Whenever it gets released I’ll get it max’d, all it will do is cost me gems at the point of release. So, I can wait.

true. so true.

What amazes me, is that for such a minor topic we get someone of the surfsquad to feel the need to respond. For other severe topics/flaws/bugs in the game that actually currently exist and actually already target someone we get radio silence. So, is this due to the lack of understanding, lack of skills in solving the reported issue(s) or just due to not understanding / being not interested?


the sentence above would also be correct if:
Also, we do not accept bug reports on __released content as it’s design is not final.


There you go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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As an English Instructor myself (among other things) this is so petty, stop teasing the guy. :laughing:

When I chat online or when I’m not teaching, I give myself room to make a lot of mistakes just to detox because I’ll go crazy correcting all the time… you know what :thinking:

Gman is a cool guy in my book, but if this is your way of getting back at him for all the hiccups in this game who am I to judge :man_shrugging:t4::laughing:

That auto text thingy is also annoying…Tease him though :sweat_smile::+1:

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Nope. It’s just meant to be all in good fun, hence the choice of emoji.

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Darn it… I’m trying to be a trouble maker here :sweat_smile::+1:

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If faunette had gone forward this week, as the spoilers once said it would be, then i wouldn’t have spent thousands of gems and every free moment i had on Tuesday slogging through the warrens to get a second pet maxed in pans vale to get my last eligible kingdom above power 20.

That’s why…

This is a bit tongue in cheek, lol. I’d have spent the gems on Wednesday for the pet and waited for the weekend event next month. Still would’ve preferred my Tuesday to not have sucked so bad.

I’m not sure your post is accomplishing what you’re hoping it would. You spending a ton of gems and all weekday playing the game is literally the optimal desire and wanted outcome for the creators at IP2. All of the design psychology, gambling mechanics, internal metrics, and FOMO inducing time crunched Tuesday delves are meant to make players do exactly what you just did. Spend many resources and ridiculous amounts of time in their environment while not playing competing games or activities that vie for your money.

So by coming and saying that you did just that isn’t a particularly good way to get them to change any of the above or convince them that it isn’t working well as a strategy.

Not criticizing your choices or how you play the game, but this is how they justify keeping things this way, because it works for them. The only way to get them to reconsider is to not do so.

Anyway, congrats on having Warrens done and the kingdom progress!

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