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Why is Fallen Valdis still in the drop table of chests?

Shouldn’t it had already being replaced with the normal mythics? It still appears on every chest as the possible mythic drop.

Tarans site might be a minor delayed. I tried to have Global Chat 1 open for a little while to see if the majority got Vladis, but sadly none have dropped yet. Global Chat 1 is very inactive at the moment.

Is fine, just saw someone get a Doomclaw and I’ve opened some keys and got elemaugrim and death so the drop table is back to normal.

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holy mamuth. You got 2 Mythics just now? Congrats! :open_mouth:

The chest pulls on the chest screens have stopped changing now. It started around the time of Megavore.

It has been…


Can I have your luck please?

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Ha. That’s really good luck. I got Vladis on Monday. But, before this week the last Mythic I pulled was Ubaset when he was released. :frowning: A long time coming.

Holy smokes.

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Just so you know I’m going to bookmark your post and every time someone starts a thread complaining how the game is rigged so they never get mythics, I’m going to point them here so they can blame you for stealing their mythics.

In all seriousness though - wow! :hushed:


Hahaha…uhhmmmm…well…(changes name)


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Congrats those are some good ones! And :hushed:who gets that lucky!

Holy crab! You got the damn jackpot! :wink:

I hope you bought yourself a lottery ticket after that happened :joy: