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Why have all my defs become the same team?

So here we are. The eve of another joyous wars and suddenly all my defences are the same team. What the fuck is going on with this shite game company when it wrecks what was previously sacrosanct?

I’ve had the same thing twice now. All my gw defense teams were changed in my pvp defense team.

This has been happening randomly for ages. You pull up your gw defenses and suddenly they’re all whatever your current pvp defense is. Or they’re all whatever you had set for “Purple Defense” or whatever the first color of the week is last time. It’s been claimed that it’s fixed, but it still happens.

There’s no advice I can give you other than reset your defenses and check them again before reset tonight to make sure they haven’t changed, but you knew that already. Feel free to vent further if it helps; I know this is very frustrating.

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Funny, it happened to me too now. It’s Kurandaras curse.

Yet another glaring example of a shite company