Why enchant on Zuul'goth or towers?

Seriously, why? I have the exact same problem with the mage towers for the same reason. Giving Enchant on scaling up troops like Zuul and towers. I seriously fail to see why that is allowed and it can’t be for ‘balance’ since they leave Firey Zuul who only gains a small amount of attack after killing someone.

Sure, you could argue about taking Dragonguard but the trait most people would get to remove the enchant is all the way at level 70. Zuul gains enchant after his ability so if he kills your hero, you are screwed anyway. Doesn’t help in this case since Broken Spire has no cleanse or immunity to freeze.

Just imagine going against a level 500 Zuul with 3 Level 144 Mage Towers, all starting with enchant. Does that sound fair to anyone?



First, make us waste our gems.
Then, provide us with crap raid troop.
Lastly, watch as we suffer.

Raid and Invasion aren’t really supposed to be fair. Guild Wars is the only game mode which provides you a “level” playing field, and that is completely tilted in your favor since the AI plays a far from perfect game.

I understand that being completely overmatched feels bad, but Raid/Invasion/Bounty are supposed to be the hill that you go to die on. That’s the design of the event. They only vary the abilities of Zuul and the Towers for flavor.

If the game were centered around a fair playing field, you would lose 50% of your PvP matches. How many of us would keep playing if they did that?


I have to second this. It is not meant to be “won”. If it were then why is it every time you defeat Zuul he comes back stronger? The idea here is to push your brain in play and team building synergy to see how far you can get before you get curb stomped (because well, you are going to get stomped, that’s how it works).


Unless Zuul kills my raid troop on first cast, he isn’t going to fill up mana a second time before I kill him anyway. I build my team to kill Zuul first.