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Why don't VIP chests drop higher-rarity ingots?

Gem chests can drop ingots. I’m assuming it’s spread over all of the rarities.

VIP chests represent slighty-better gem chests as they restrict their pool to higher-rarity versions of what gem chests drop. For example, they only drop 2 Arcane or 2 Celestial traitstones, rather than “one of any rarity”.

Why don’t VIP chests also drop 1x higher-rarity ingots in the pool? I’d definitely spend more gems on VIP chests if one of the drop slots was a Legendary or Mythic ingot.


+1 to this. Agree it makes sense, and should monetise

Currently VIP chests don’t drop ingots at all.

I’m conflicted with this, sure it would be nice for the VIP Chests to drop ingots but at the same time, I kind of don’t want them to be added. Unless they follow Traitstone rules were you are guaranteed 2 then sure but I think Legendary should be the lowest possible ingot (Say, similar drop rate with Arcanes) and Mythic ingot should share Celestial drop rate.

It’s not like VIP chests are 1 gem each, they are pretty expensive each.

This is true. Adding more to VIP chests makes the things they do drop less likely.

But the change was already made to gem keys, so I don’t know?

Yeah, i also suggested this on Aracna-whatever’s thread: