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Why doesn't Malcandessa show up in my unowned troops?

Recently, a guildmate recommended a team that included Malcandessa. Apparently, it was possible to purchase it with glory in mid-February, and somehow I missed it. But I do not see it in my list of unowned troops. Why not? Is it ever going to be in the Soulforge? I found a notice about it somewhere, and it looks valuable.

Are you sure its not in ‘owned’ troops then. Even if you didn’t get it with glory, It can be showing up in other chests now, you may of just missed seeing the ‘new’ symbol when you got it.

I tend to embarrass myself with a fair amount of regularity. Yes, I do own it. I think when I originally looked for it I tried to enter its full name and added an extra s.


It’s easily done, lots of unique names in this game. Good news is that now you can build the team your guildmate suggested. Have fun and glad it’s sorted


The same thing has happened to me quite a few times. As a matter of fact one time I accused my brother of making up troops out of thin air to mess with me. Turned out it was a real troop and I already owned it. He still breaks my balls about it til this day.