Why does this game have so many bad reviews on Steam?

It’s a real pity because I think this game is the best of its genre.

I play this game mostly on iPhone and there it has a 4 star review but on steam is only 67% positive.

Do you guys play mostly on PC or mobile?

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I play at PC at home, mobile if I am away.

My logic tells me that it got bad reviews, because people find it too complex, and some feels that the updates made it even more complex. And they are not used to a puzzle game of this standard, puzzle games use to be simple, and not about strategies/tactics. Thats why most with bad critics couldnt handle it I am afraid. And it what makes me loves it, the options it gives me, and the complexity and freedom of building. But nowadays it seems like people is lazy and want a mobile game that doesnt need any thinking or effort at all, just a little click here and there.

But I would think PC players would like more complex games than mobile players but the reviews are the other way around.

Many who have done a review in that steam site probably have played it on console also, console is long behind the currently PC/Mobile version, its almost two differently games. I was coming from console and on mobile it felt like a breathe of fresh air, it was just “perfect”. I still enjoyed it on console, but it gived me more pleasure on PC/Mobile. “Smoother” is probably the right word.

I play on a pc and thru steam. I absolutely love this game. About the negative reviews on steam ; That is just a group of peoples’ opinions that are quite subjective to say the least. Also bear in mind that some that take those polls many times do not have informative knowledge on what they are critiquing. They take the polls just for the sake of taking them. In the end all that matters is that you yourself enjoy playing the game :slightly_smiling:

It might just be too much to swallow for some new players, the game is HUGE now compared to the early release.

Thats very true, most havent even gived the game a fair chance, before spitting out negativity critism…

I play on mobile. I just looked at the Steam page and it seems like a few different things.

First, a lot of the reviews are old but they don’t go away even though the game has come a long way since then. Maybe part of it is that it’s less clear when a game is updated on Steam vs mobile, and what’s in the update?

It also seems like the devs don’t have much of a presence on there so folks don’t see how responsive they are to player feedback like they are here. It’s one of the big things that keeps me coming back: It gives me faith that the game will continue to improve over time. Whereas Steam seems pretty dead. That said, I just stumbled on these forums randomly and they could probably do a better job of surfacing them in the game so more people are aware of them and see how involved the devs are.

The other thing is that Gems is clearly a mobile game brought to PC so there’s gonna be some amount of hate from the hardcore Steam players that have an irrational hatred of mobile games and F2P.

All the negative reviews are from 2015 - before the console release.

Ah, thanks for the information.

I think this makes the most sense.

Oh well, the only way is to counter their negative with a positive of my own. xD

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I play on PS4, PC, Android and IOS, I do not know why others do not like the game, maybe they cant handle the challenge? I love the game, its very good.

I do think we need more TEAM based features to create a community, right now it is very single player even though we have guilds.

It 's mostly players that got stuck in the early phase of the game because they had no gold left to play, when games still cost gold.
It happened to me too cause i started playing challenges asap instead of advancing quests and kingdoms, i had to let the game sit for a while to gather gold unable to play, that was annoying, not gonna lie.
Most bad reviews seemed to have similar experiences and that immediately triggered the pay to win reflex for these reviewers.

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Yeah, it seems like a lot of negative reviews are from before they removed the gold costs.

Another common one is cheating AI. Not much to say there that hasn’t already been said, but it sorta seems like PC users that are already predisposed to dislike F2P see the “cheating AI” and assume it’s a nefarious plot to bilk people of their money (especially when it cost Gold to play matches).

There are also a lot of mentions of bugs/crashes. I don’t play on Steam so I don’t know how true that is. Maybe also legacy issues that have since been resolved?

Pity folks don’t go back and change their reviews.

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What we that loves the game can do is to give it ratings. That way it will go up.:slightly_smiling:


The reason that they do not do this is because they simply do not care. It would be nice to know who took these polls and how much experience they have on the game. Then a more constructive opinion could be drawn.

I played on steam until lvl 100, when I had all achievements I quit.
If I had left a review back then it would probably have been negative.
It was a bit of a bump before you didn’t need to wait for gold. That kind of mobile mechanics is generally frowned upon among pc users.

I also really didn’t like the maxlvl increase of troops from 10 to 15. I felt this made it a lot harder to use different competitive teams.
Before that change a lvl 7-8 troop was good enough to use against anything
But when you suddenly had to face opponents not just 2-3 levels higher but possibly double your lvl you had to invest loaaaaads more souls to get a competitive team.

If you look, a lot of them are older ones where they only played for an hour or so, ran out of Gold, left a bad review, and never came back. The more recent ones tend to be very positive. I think we can all agree that the game has come a long way, and I haven’t even been playing since launch.

Agreed with @Eika and @TrulyOutrageous that the game could use some Steam love from us fans, especially to reflect its current and on-going state. I’ve honestly never seen a game where the devs are more involved with the community. I’m not a big Steam gamer but I’m sure the current “Mixed” score means it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

I agree 100% with that. I resigned as a game master recently on a game offered by Gaijin Entertainment. My year of being on staff there I can honestly say that I had absolutely no interactions with any devs, and never see any on the forums. I commended the devs of this game the other day for being prompt when issues arise. That in itself means a whole lot to the community.


Out of curiosity - what game?