Why does the game change my defense team?

I started using a single sunbird as my defence. It doesn’t change from my defence screen and the team is in slot #1. However, I was told by someone who fought me that the system has changed my defence to a team of mana drain troops. The drain team is in the middle of my team slots and is not the strongest team in terms of power.

I’m wondering why the game wants to go behind my back to change my team. As well as how it decides to choose a full drain one to use over all the others options.

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For PVP defense teams, a change was introduced a few months ago to prevent single troop defense teams. How it works is that if it detects you’ve set a single troop as a defense it will choose a (full) team randomly from your team roster and use that instead.

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I just find it odd that the game wouldn’t just tell me to put a full team up. Instead of lying to me that my 1 sunbird is racking in a better defence rate than my actual defence teams.

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Single troop defenses and weak defense teams used to be a way to get some variety in PVP and a break from the current meta/grief teams…then they borked it.


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I agree, it would be nice if they’d just disable the ability to set a team of less than 4 troops as a defense team.

They broke it two months ago and players are still seeing misleading difficulty ratings in PVP because of this.

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My defense team gets changed sometimes too and I always have 4 troops in my teams.

I used to organisize my team slots like this:

1 PvP Def Team
2 PvP Atk Team

so I can adjust to the event preferences.
By default slot 1 was used for pvp def by the system.

With Guild Wars introduced I noticed that it, by default, used slot 1 for def. Since I sometimes had a pvp def team like 4x the same troop or just weak troops for the event, I wouldn’t want that for GW def.

I reorganized to
1 GW Def Team
2 PvP Def Team
3 PvP Atk Team
4… Color fixed GW Atk Teams

and now I have to set slot 2 for pvp defence and often I come back and see it resetted to slot 1 >:(
And worse… GW defense chooses slot 2 as default now - wtf!
I could switch around but I have the feeling it’ll just lol me again.

What about 2 and 3 troop defences? Are they banned too?