Why does chat keep saying " cannot connect to chat server try again later" please help

hi i have been trying to connect with the chat server but never connects…i need to talk wit my guild to let them know im going away on holidays so they wont kick me but can not connect with them.

If you play on Xbox, sometimes the “back” button doesn’t automatically connect properly. To correct, go into the chat settings manually, and click on the button that says “reconnect to global chat”

Will provide a clarifying screenshot if asked for—away from the box at the moment.

Good luck!

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This is the screen you want:

Where mine says “Disconnect” on the right, yours should say something to the effect of “Reconnect”

If you do play on Xbox and find this helpful, feel free to drop into Channel 753 to gift some Honor on one of my people in The Unforgiven (not me, as I’m Revered) :v:

hi thanks but i cant even connect to that window…the chat icon on the left of the screen when i click on it to connect to chat just never connects to the chat server…just keeps saying chat server is not available try again later

and im on a pc through steam

Huh. That’s weird. You can’t access your settings screen at all?

i can access the settings window on the right but it has nothing to do with any chat options

Does it look like this?

(Minus the text behind the menu, of course—every time mine has broken, I have access to the menu but not the screen behind it)

no…it just have the little chat icon

when i click on it it just askes to connect to global chat…i do that and it tries for a couple min then comes back saying server is not available try later

It might be too different on PC for me to help, unfortunately. I’d advise you to fill out a support ticket (create a thread in the Bug Reports section so @Kafka can fix it [sorry for the ping if I’m not authorized]), but I don’t know that the support team would be able to help you in time for your travels

thank you anyway buddy i appreciate your help.

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Here’s my last-ditch attempt—hope it works!

thats the strange thing i cant even get to that window…the chat server just wont connect to and chat bubble

other possible explanation is you are banned from chat. if i recall error message will only show “cannot connect to server etc.” without telling you are banned.

Incorrect. If you are banned from chat you will get a message telling you you are banned from chat, the length of the ban and the reason you were banned. I’m making a point of correcting this because if you assume you’ve been banned from chat or the game without seeing a message saying you’re banned, then file a support ticket under ban appeals and don’t mention the error message not saying you’re banned, I will put your ticket at the bottom of the list and you may not get a reply for a very long time because I don’t let banned players take priority over anyone else.

@Tibus141069Df if you send a support ticket here I’ll be able to help you on Monday :slight_smile:

Hi Kafka, Im not banned either from game or from chat and have not ever had a message telling im banned from either of the two. It just says “chat server is not available and to try again later” I have already put in a ticket for the issue but i will also follow your instruction and put a ticket attched to the link you provided. Thank you for your help.

Ok Kafka i have submitted the ticket again through the link you provided. I missed putting in my guild name but it is Thunder Owls and im level 1012 hero. thank you for your help.